Love Quotes

Ever been to a Wheel ride? Remember when the wheel comes down and you feel a little something. Well that's my friend is the exact feeling when you are in love with someone. Finding true love is difficult on its own but what's more troublesome is to keep it. To keep that 'fire burning', you need to know how express love to your girlfriend or how to impress a girl and vice-versa.

Love Ideas to Express Your Love

1. Cooking:

Give your partner a surprise by cooking them a nice meal. Give them a break from their everyday routine and make some new memories with this love idea for her.

Love Ideas cook for Wife

2. Chocolates and Flowers:

Express love for your girlfriend by giving them flowers and chocolates without any reason and just to say that you love her. Use this love idea for your wife by leaving chocolates and flowers in your bedroom.

Chocolate flower Bouquets for GF BF

3. Love Notes:

Depict your love by using this love idea for your husband by leaving him notes. The notes need not to be long but should remind them of their special place in your heart. For that you can write your love ideas in Hindi to be more effective.

Love Notes for him her

4. Smiling Picture:

Find a smiling picture of you two and paste in on the fridge and use this love idea for him to make him feel desirable. You can also frame and gift this picture to her.

Send Smile to him her love ideas

5. Movie:

If it's been long since you last seen a movie together, this surprise love idea for your girlfriend will definitely work. Choose a romantic movie, if possible, to relate more to the mood.

Movie plan with girlfriend boyfriend

6. Vacation:

Plan a vacation with your partner where it's only you two and give a chance for your love to blossom. Get to know your guy more using this love idea for your boyfriend.

Romantic Vacation plan with love partner

7. Gifts:

If your partner has been longing for something since long and being unable to buy it for some reason or another, amaze them by gifting that thing to them.

Love gift Ideas for girlfriend boyfriend

8. Love Posts on Social Media:

This love idea for instagram, tumblr, facebook etc. is to portray your love in front of the whole world by sharing images or posting status.

Ideas to post love posts on faebook

Get Romantic Love Ideas to impress your partner:

Love is a special feeling, but with time and difficulties of life, the feeling of Love being special also fades away. Keep your love young and fresh forever by using these exquisite love ideas. These love ideas are small in action but big in impact. We hope you like our post and share it. If you would like to add something, do comment below. Your suggestions are of utmost importance to us.