How to Share Your Feeling With Your Lover

Are you scared of telling about your feelings to the one you love? Do you feel hesitant to confess your feelings to your lover? If the answers to these questions is a 'Yes', then worry not we are here to help you out and tell you about how to share your feelings with your lover. At times when you are in a relationship with someone you can be in immense love and be wanting to tell them about it but you might not know how to do it or some might not be used to or comfortable with letting your feelings out but remember that if you don't share your feelings with them, they will never know about it. So read below and find way tell your lover that you him or her.

How to Share Your Feeling With Your Lover

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#1 Say "I love you."

The most straightforward way to tell your lover about your feels is tell them about them. When you are together say 'I Love You' Communicating your feelings to them can be best done by communicating. Tell them about your feelings and the strengths of it. Instead of just saying "I love you" you can even tell other cute meaningful stuffs like - "I'm blessed to have you in my life," or "I feel lucky to have you by my side," or other sweet genuine things. These things offer variety in how you confess your feelings to your lover and at the same time come as a breath of fresh air

#2 Tell them how important they are.

Tell your lover about the positive impacts that he/she has made on your life and this would show the love and value that you have for your lover, for example, if you have had a bad day at work and just by seeing your partner you feel an instant wave of relief, if would be perfect if you let your lover know about it..

#3 Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Here, by vulnerable I mean that you express your thoughts and feelings completely without the fear of consequences. With that expression, comes the possibility of being criticized, hurt, rejected, etc. by your loved one. The important thing to remember is if you love someone, you opening up and sharing your inner feelings with them is like taking a risk that might result in you getting hurt but it is a risk worth taking for the one you love. It is like a sacrifice of security in order to establish a deeper connection with your lover.

#4 Ask for advice from your partner.

When you ask for advice from your partner, it shows that you respect their opinion and you look to them for guidance. Doing this will strengthen their perception of their role in your life.

#5 Vent your feelings to each other.

There might be times when your partner is upset, nervous, concerned or worried about something, at this time you are not supposed to leave them alone to deal with their problems. Instead, you should let them vent and share their feelings with you. You should let your partner know that they can let their guard down in front of you and let it all out.

#6 Always Be Honest

I for one will always prefer someone who is truthful and real, rather than fake-sweet and comforting and this is the case with most other too. Speaking the truth, knowing that it might hurt your partner, increases your capability to have a connection with your lover. But remember to be gentle with the truth as it should not come off as mean.

#7 Write a letter

Though it might seem old but it is never outdated, it is a romantic way to express your feelings. Also it is the best way to express your feelings if you are yet now too comfortable with speaking it out directly. Think about everything that you want your partner to know and what do you want to accomplish writing this letter. Keep it sweet and romantic.

#8 Give your lover hugs, cuddles, kisses

Instead of saying, you can actually show your love by giving hugs, cuddles and kisses to your lover. These acts of love are perfect to let your lover know that they are very special to you.

How to Share Your Feelings with Your Lover

Now as you have gone through all the tips that we had for you, now it's time to go and let your lover know how much they mean to you, so, go and share your feelings with your lover.