How To Impress A Girl On First Date

If you have ever been on a date you would know about the kind of feelings one has to go through before a date, especially if it is the first date. Also, a date is a very crucial part of a budding relationship where couple finds out about each other, learns about each other and checks if they are compatible and whether if they should move forward in their relationship. When so much is at risk, leaving an everlasting impression is a must if you do not want your meeting to become just a one evening thing. If you are in a similar situation and are feeling the first date jitters then worry not, we are here to help you out, read on to find our tips to impress a girl on a date.

Tips To Impress a Girl On First Date

How to impress a girl on first date

#1 Do Your Research

Before you actually go on a date, it is always advisable that you find little details about the girl you are going on a date with. To do this, the mutual friends can come in handy and if you don't have any mutual friends, it is the age of social media and you can quietly stalk her and find tiny details about her like and dislikes, what she enjoys doing and this can help you out in planning the date.

#2 Be well groomed

Remember the saying - 'First impression is the last impression'? The importance of making a brilliant first impression on your first date is very high. Avoid going in disheveled hair, untamed beard, faded sweatpants, running shoes and a gym t-shirt. Spend some time thinking about what you will wear, invest in deodorants and perfumes. The way you dress up will be the first thing that the girl will notice about you.

#3 Proper greeting

It's very important that you break the ice in a proper way, try to pick your date up with a bouquet in your hand. Greet her warmly, give her a soft hug and may be plants a gentle kiss on her cheek. PS - Avoid the kiss if you get those "Don't you dare touch me!" vibes from her. In that case offer her a sincere compliment.

#4 Look her in the eye

Remember that the girl notices even the slightest movement of your eyes and you will not want her to catch you staring at the wrong places and classify you as a jerk or a creep

#5 Compliment her

You should use the best possible compliment that you can think of, it's a fact - there is no girl in the world who does not like compliments. If you can make her smile or blush with a compliment, well, you have gained a point right there.

#6 Be Chivalrous

Chivalry is not dead yet, some simple small things like letting her walk in first, holding the door open go a long way in impressing your date. Remember that you don't overdo it as that might hurt the feminist in her.

#7 Ignore your phone

While with the girl on a date, she expects your complete attention and taking phone calls in between, texting or fiddling with your mobile phone when she is talking to you will looks completely rude and ruin your chances of future dates with then girl.

#8 Be a gentleman and take care of your etiquettes

Take care of how you look, how you behave, how you talk to her and also to other people like waiters, drivers when you are with her.

#9 Ask her questions, be a good listener

While you are talking to her, try and avoid awkward silences, yes we have been there and know it feels awkward. Ask her some questions related to her hobbies and likes and while she is talking to you, you have to listen to her, PROPERLY. If not, you might come off as 'not-interested'. While talking to her, try and just be yourself instead of pretending to be someone which you are not. As the pretentiousness might work for you now but in the long run when your date finds the true you, it will only lead to disappointments.

#10 Drop her back home

After the completion of your date you have to give a perfect end to the evening, drop her back home and also give her some hints that you are interested in meeting again or if possible, you can even plan your next date. Finally, see her off with a gentle hug and good night.

Ways to impress a girl on date

We hope that our guide of How to impress a girl on date helps you in succeeding to impress your next date. Let us know how it worked out for you in the comments section below.